You need a website. I make them.



no seriously are people talking about me if they are please tell me

Sam is extremely easy to work with, very creative, and actually spent the time to teach me how to use my site after she tricked it out. Weird to say “tricked out” when talking about a website. Anyway, Sam is dope AF at web design and site building.
— Luke Kelly-Clyne, Director of Development @ Big Breakfast

Sam is fast, reliable and dope as hell. She listened to what content and style I wanted and built exactly what I imagined.
— Hayley Kosan, director & Dp to the stars

Why are you EVEN reading this section? Did you not see how beautiful this site is? Or how amazing the other sites Sam made are? What’s wrong with you? I wonder if you even deserve a site...a Sammade site for that matter. You know what? I’m not even sure a website will help someone as pathetic or as sick as you.

Your sitemare is over people. Sam...please don’t delete that. Please. Sam? Sam was so incredible to work with. I gave her general thought starters (I’m being generous to myself here) of what I might like for my site, and she ran with it and came back with something even better than I could have imagined. She captured my personality and work perfectly. Sam’s intuitive, creative, quick, reliable, and takes the time to walk you through how to use it and be available for questions. Sam’s the best and the best as building websites.
— Jon Perry, some guy with a nice apartment

Making a website for myself was a daunting task that I’d been putting off for years. Once I started working with Sam, she made it easy AND fun. She is efficient, reasonable and awesome and would recommend her to anyone!
— Henry Koperski, musician & comedian

Working with Sam was a truly amazing experience from start to finish. Her attention to detail and eye for design are bar none. I get so many compliments on my website and I am not exaggerating when I say that my website took my career to the next level. She leads with a vision but is so amenable to notes and critique that in the end I walked away with a finished product perfect for me. 11/10 would recommend.
— Tovah Silbermann, comedy booking agent @ Gersh

My husband and I told Sam that we loved three things: snacks, pizza and cats. We wanted an untraditional website incorporating our interests, but we had no idea how to do it ourselves and still have it be functional for our guests. Thankfully, Sam made it happen. She delivered a fully completed website in no time flat and it was better than we could have ever imagined. Also, she’s real cool and fun to hang out with so you should hire her.
— Sue Smith, One of TimeOut NY's Top 10 Funniest Women

Working with Sam is a dream. Not only does she make the best sites around (literally), she also knows exactly how to execute whatever vision or aesthetic you’re looking for. From colors, to fonts, to layouts, to #vibes, she gets it. Looking at her designs is like eating candy, they’re just so sweet and perfect and make you want more. In fact, her skills have helped me expand my career, because the more things I do, the more sites I’ll need, and the more I can look at her lovely work. I can’t recommend Sam enough, the thought she put into my website means so much and everyone who clicks thru to ya girl’s page says that they’ve never seen such a wonderfully done site, and that’s all a testament to Sam.
— Mariah Smith, Writer for Watch What Happens LIVE

I love my website that Sam designed for me. First of all, she basically taught me how to use the internet, and made editing and navigating my own site easy and not scary. Second of all, she has a style that’s clean and fun and exactly what I wanted, melding the worlds of my blog, and podcast, and actor site all together in a way that was fresh, not an embarrassing, glaring site that screamed, “I’M UNEMPLOYED AND THEREFORE STAYING FAUX BUSY” like it could have been in the hands of someone less awesome. Use her!
— Bligh Voth, future celebrity and NY Times Bestseller Novelist (seriously)